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Linda has been a private teacher for over 5 years and currently holds a teaching position at The Point C.D.C. in the Bronx.  She also taught voice for 2 years at the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan.  She teaches all ages in beginner to intermediate piano and beginner to advance voice.  Linda is credited with helping students get into prestigious performing arts high schools including Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School and Talent Unlimited High School.

Linda Collazo also frequently does educational outreach and speaks and performs at universities including at Princeton University, CUNY Queens College, and with NYC public schools associated with the Bronx Arts Ensemble.

To schedule a consultation or to inquire about educational outreach, email Linda at


"I've been learning piano with Linda for a few weeks now and I feel I have a greater understanding for music theory already! She has an immense passion for music and easily translates it into her lessons. She is very patient and will work at your pace; a trait I did not find in my previous teachers. I absolutely recommend you at least sign up for her free consultation - you have nothing lose!" -Marcos Vargas

"Linda truly is a great teacher. I have had only two lessons and she has helped me realize that I am capable so much more than what I thought I was. She also talks about the importance of proper breath and even just enjoying and feeling what you are singing. I’m looking forward to have I grow as a performer through her guidance. Another cool thing is that Linda can help you improve no matter what kind of singing you do!" -Jamal Naser

"Linda is an amazing teacher! My 8 year old loved meeting her and was comfortable automatically. She definitely has a way with kids (and their parents I must say). My daughter is so excited for her voice lessons every week." -Julia Eugenio

"Linda is a great voice teacher who is very kind and engaging. I have learned a lot from her about how to use my voice, technique, and am improving every week as a singer. Our lessons are fun and I feel respected as a non-binary student. Linda creates a warm and welcoming space for everyone to feel comfortable as they learn about their voice." -Sara Laskowski

"Linda has helped me grow as a singer and performer. She helped me develop a head voice, and helped me to feel confident singing in it. Linda was always professional and pushed me to reach my potential. Each week I looked forward to go to class and learn more as I sung and got feedback. I now have a range when I sing. I recommend Linda to anyone is looking to grow as a singer, performer, or who just wants to learn how to sing." -Ana Rivera-Faulk 

"Linda was such an amazing teacher! She helped me a lot with my singing and I now have discovered that I have a head voice thanks to Linda, it was a real game changer for me. I really liked how Linda pushed my to continue to use my head voice she kept me on my toes which made me grow as a singer. I would definitely recommend!" -Kroslyn Rivera-Faulk 

"Linda is a great teacher . I’ve been taking piano lessons with her and every week I can see an improvement in the way I play. She is very thorough and makes sure I understand the basics before moving on to the next lesson. I’m enjoying playing the keyboard and look forward to my classes every week." -Anjana Divakar

"Linda is a fantastic instructor. My daughter is more engaged with piano than she's ever been, and she is making great progress. My daughter used to dread practicing and now she looks forward to practice and to her lessons with Linda. I couldn't be happier." - Joseph Rivera

"Linda is an amazing teacher! My daughter got a keyboard for Hanukkah and as such we decided to give her piano lessons. During this pandemic we were concerned about virtual lessons-until we happily met Linda. Our daughter has been taking piano lessons now for only a few short weeks and the beautiful progress that she has made is astounding. Much to my surprise she is really playing the piano! All of my worries about virtual piano lessons have gone to the wayside-thanks to Linda. Linda blends a caring and patient demeanor with a true ability bring out your child’s best learning and performance. She strives for consistency and dedication and will bring out your child’s best talents in a positive and well focused learning session. Like all great teachers, Linda strives for excellence and success and will build your child’s repertoire of skills in a stepwise fashion always encouraging your child to learn and perform at his or her best ability. What’s interesting to me is so many of my friends have told me that their children hate piano lessons. Our daughters experience is just the opposite. She looks forward all week long to her piano lesson with Linda.  If you are looking for a fabulous piano teacher (and are concerned about virtual lessons ) look no further. We are so happy and grateful to Linda and we give her a 5 star rating!" -Avi Cohen

"I've been working with Linda for the past few months and she has already helped me to improve my falsetto and my head voice so much! Before I started with her, my throat would hurt after singing for just a few minutes, but with the healthy techniques she taught me, I sing through our entire lesson without any pain. I've been singing for years, but Linda truly is transforming my voice and I'm very excited to keep working with her. Plus, she's very patient and encouraging, even through the challenges of online-lessons. 10/10 would recommend." -Lindsay Griffiths 

"After years of putting off voice lessons for this reason or that, Linda has been the most amazing teacher and I'm so glad I finally decided to go for it. Online lessons have been incredibly convenient, and I've learned more than I could have ever expected since beginning several months ago. She is both knowledgable and encouraging, and I look forward to every lesson. I highly recommend choosing Linda as your voice instructor!" -Matt Leibowitz

"Linda is Great. Very attentive and Makes the lesson easy to understand. Im looking forward to future lessons" -Juan Vasquez 

"Linda has such a wonderful approach to teaching that I find truly refreshing! Such an incredibly patient person who has a wealth of knowledge of Opera and Musical Theatre! I've been singing for 5 plus years but Linda really opened up my possibilities and my confidence." -Casey Ecker 

“ I am a college student majoring in sound studies who wants to go into musical theatre. Linda is a kind, patient, and KNOWLEDGEABLE  teacher that helped me with problems that I was having with my technique. She helped me bring my singing to the next level. I can’t help but recommend her to everyone looking to better their singing no matter what level they’re at. I was at first a bit skeptical about lessons online with my internet, but after taking lessons with her I realized there was nothing to worry about when you’re learning with Linda!!” -Luis Chavez


"My son and daughter have been taking vocal lessons with her. She has such a pleasant and positivo demeanor with the kids. She is working on helping both of my children build their confidence and love for singing. My son was a little reluctant to start but after one session with Linda he changed his mind. He is constantly singing around the house. My daughter is starting to feel more comfortable hitting notes that she used to shy away from. She is fair and flexible and I would definitely recommend her!" -Natasha Ciron

"Super patient and well informed. Has made me realize I can do more and can’t wait to improve with her guidance." -Sabryna Perez 

"I have been a voice student of Linda's for a bit over half a year and it has been such an honor. I have learned and improved tremendously as a vocalist/ singer in what feels like such a short amount of time! She is patient, honest and pushes her students out of their comfort zones. I believe that she is creating skillful and talented future musicians!" -Jean Paul (JP) Vinals 

"She is very patient and a very capable teacher. In one month, I have learned a lot under her instruction."  -Richardson Reyes 

"Linda is perfection! my 6 year old daughter adores her and has learned so much." -Shawna Carter 

"I am a retired professor. It is always my dream to be able to sing some day, but I was intimidated by the technical requirements involved in singing until I met Linda. She is a wonderful singing coach, knowledgeable, honest, patient, and inspiring at the same time. Not only she has amazing voice, but also has very good ear and can immediately tell whenever one is off tune or not. Linda combines rigorous demand for perfection with warm encouragement and repeated demonstration of how to improve. I am blessed that I had her as my coach. After having just taken a course on bel canto offered by her recently, I feel that I really have learnt enormously about breathing, resonance, vibration, Italian pronunciation, and several beautiful songs, among others. I most strongly recommend Linda without any reservation to any one who is thinking to learn how to sing."  -Jim Wu

"My daugther has been taking piano lessons for about 1 month and it's amazing how fast she's learning, also Ms Linda is so patient as a teacher and my daugther feels so comfortable as i do myself while i wait for her class to finish. I highly recommend her." -Ana Peralta

"Just started taking a piano class with Linda as a beginner and she has made me feel more motivated than ever to learn and explore music. Can't wait to keep learning from her and grow as a musician!" -Anthony Santiago

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